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Founder & Director, Silicon Valet

Co-director, TRANSFER Gallery

Associate Curator & Community Manager, Gray Area 


Contributor, Outland

Curated Projects

December 2021

Group exhibition curated by Patrick Lichty & assisted by Wade Wallerstein at NeMe Arts Center in Limassol, Cyprus.

October 2021

Conference program, performance series, and online exhibition curated for the occasion of the 2021 edition of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts' annual art & technology festival. Virtual exhibition hosted by New Art City.

April 2021

Group exhibition curated for TRANSFER Gallery. Rapid-response to and critical examination of the NFT explosion of early 2021.

September 2020

Online exhibition of work by Most Dismal Swamp, presented in collaboration with New Art City. Virtual installation in a custom immersive, 3D environment that features multi-user functionality.

April 2020

Online exhibition responding to COVID-19 conditions for Silicon Valet. Co-curated with Faith Holland & Lorna Mills. Exhibition design & installation by Kelani Nichole. With exhibition essay by Seth Barry Watter.

February 2020

Screening program & augemented reality filter selection presented by TRANSFER Gallery in partnership with the Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City.

November 2019

Too Beautiful To Be Real

Virtual pavilion of The Wrong Biennale. Co-curated with Pita Arreola-Burns and Elliott Burns for Off Site Project.

July 2019

Special presentation of net art work by Petra Cortright, organized for Off Site Project's micro-ZIP file exhibition format.

June 2019

Special presentation of work by artists in the Clusterduck Collective, organized for Off Site Project's micro-ZIP file exhibition format.

May 2019

Special presentation of LaTurbo Avedon's In-Game Images for Off Site Project's micro-ZIP file exhibition format

May 2019

E-mail-based exhibition of work by Adonis Archontides for Curated by Lolita

January 2019

Inaugural exhibition of the UCL Multimedia Anthropology Laboratory

November 2018

Exhibition of avatar artists hosted by isthisit?

March 2018

Downloadable micro-ZIP file exhibition hosted by Off Site Project.


March 23, 2022

Criticism piece exploring the metaverse-based practice of LaTurbo Avedon through the NFT project Materia. Published by Outland

February 14, 2022

Criticism piece discussing the nomenclature and material specificities of artworks sold as NFTs via blockchains. Commissioned by Zora.

November 30, 2021

Text culminating over a year of research with contemporary post-internet/post-social curatorial communities. Published by Outland.

April 1 2021

Curatorial statement written for the critical NFT exhibition Pieces of Me at TRANSFER Gallery.

April 2020

Exhibition Essay for Well Now WTF?, online exhibition at Silicon Valet

November 2019

Exhibition Essay for Too Beautiful To Be Real, online pavilion of The Wrong Biennale co-curated with Pita Arreola-Burns and Elliott Burns for Off Site Project.

November 2019

Exhibition Essay / wall text commissioned by Galeria Duarte Sequiera on the occasion of Jonathan Uliel Saldanha's solo exhibition Plague Vector at Portugal's Forum Arte Braga.

June 2019

Press release / exhibition text commissioned by Castor Projects on the occasion of Sarah Derat's solo exhibition She Who Loves Silence.

May 2019 

Exhibition Catalogue Essay commissioned by Galeria Duarte Sequiera on the occasion of Petra Cortright's solo exhibition Computer Paintings on Linen.

March 2019 

Emergent Realities

Essay commissioned by TRANSFER Gallery

February 2019 

Essay commissioned for TRANSFER Gallery's special presentation of The Download at SPRING/BREAK Art Fair LA

December 2018

Exhibition essay for online exhibition curated for isthisit?

July 2018

isthisit? issue 05

June 2018

 Included in the Duty Free exhibition catalogue, curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight.

March 2018

isthisit? issue 04

March 2018

Exhibition review commissioned by UCL Anthropology's Material World online publication.


Talks & Lectures

December 2021

Lecture at NeMe in Cyprus on the occasion of Through the Mesh, a group exhibition curated by Patrick Lichty & assisted by Wade Wallerstein.

May 2020 

Curating the Digital 2.0: Online Exhibiting in an Age of 'Net Art Revival'

Lecture at the Royal College of Art's Contemporary Art Practice (Moving Image, Performance, Critical Practice and Public Sphere) Program.

April 2020

The Artist Is Online: Silicon Valet

Curators' talk on the occasion of Silicon Valet's inagural online exhibition 'Well Now WTF?' with Anika Meier at Koenig Galerie.

February 2020

Screening program and talk with Kelani Nichole at Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City. Presented by TRANSFER Gallery.

September 2019

Live conversation with Cassie McQuater on the occasion of the opening of her solo exhibition, Black Room, at TRANSFER Gallery.

March 2019

Two-part video lecture series commissioned by Arebyte Gallery for the launch of their online video channel, Arebyte-on-Screen. Watch part II here.

December 2018

Lecture delivered as part of the UCL Multimedia Anthropology Laboratory's fall 2018 seminar series.




University College London

Msc Digital Anthropology​ (First)


Dissertation: Circumventing the White Cube: Digital Curatorial Practices in Contemporary Media Landscapes


Sarah Lawrence College

BA, Concentration in Digital Media & Art History (Honors)

Editor-in-Chief, The Phoenix

Editor, Sarah Lawrence Visual Art Review

King's College London

BA Digital Culture (First)

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